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Transport packaging from heavy-duty corrugated board

Do you ship your products around the world?

Then use special corrugated cardboard qualities and your goods will safely reach their destination.

The transport packaging made of heavy-duty corrugated board must…

Double wall corrugated board

The double wall corrugated board is made of two corrugated webs and three smooth paper webs, whereby different types of corrugations can be combined with each other.

The two wave paths can be corrugated in different wave types. Generally, a coarse flute is combined with a medium flute (also called intermediate flute). The coarse corrugation is placed on the inside because of its better cushioning properties, while the fine corrugation is placed on the outside to protect against mechanical stresses.

Verpackungen | Karton
Verpackungen | Karton

Triple wall corrugated board

Double wall corrugated board can be glued with single wall corrugated board to produce triple wall corrugated board. The triple wall corrugated board consists of seven paper webs. Outer cover corrugated sheet – paper corrugated web – intermediate sheet – paper corrugated web – corrugated sheet – paper corrugated web – interior sheet.

As with double wall corrugated board, the larger flute is on the inside because of its better cushioning properties. The finer flute is placed on the outside because of its better protection against mechanical stress.
Heavy-duty corrugated board is mainly used for industrial packaging due to its extreme stability. Especially in this area, the requirements for protection and stability within the entire supply chain are very high.

Customized solutions made of heavy-duty corrugated board, produced sustainably to boot, protect your products and minimize the risk of damage or customer complaints.

Advantages of heavy-duty corrugated board

  • Excellent for shipping products due to high stability.
  • Suitable for fragile, small, bulky and robust goods due to very high flexibility.
  • Very environmentally friendly, it can behave a percentage of 100% recycled material.
  • As an excellent recycled product, heavy-duty corrugated board is renewable and saves energy.
  • Individually adaptable to the customers specific needs.

The perfect packaging for your products

International code for shipping packages

FEFCO develops technical standards and specifications to unify the production of corrugated packaging design.