The kit packaging is an already on a disposable pallet fixed packaging which is set up in less than 15 seconds. In addition to the automotive industry, this packaging can also be used in many other industries.



Depending on the filling volume and the filling weight the stabilizing sleeve can be produced from double wall or triple wall wet strength glued quality, suitable for overseas shipments.

The pallets we use are always heat treated according to the IPPC standard ISPM 15 and additionally kiln dried to limit the residual moisture to 22 percent.


The kit packaging is usually designed for half euro pallets 600 x 800 mm, euro pallets 1200 x 800 mm and/or for industrial pallets 1200 x 1000 mm. this packaging is also available as a containerconform kit for a form-fit loading of ISO-Standard-Containers.



Every kit-packaging can be printed according to your specific demands such as pictograms, logos, barcodes, type descriptions etc.

Fill weight / Stackability

The kit-packaging is an ideal transport packaging for weights up to 1000 kgs and can be stacked depending on the design.


  • The packaging is already pre-assembled on the matching pallet
  • Delivery takes place in stacked form, 8-10 kits each
  • Reduction of set-up times
  • Delivery on schedule and in line with demand
  • Consumption-based invoicing
  • Reduction of storage areas for packaging material
  • Material procurement, inventory management, logistics from a single source

15 seconds

* The term CKD stands for „completely knocked down“, comes from the automotive industry and means that a complete vehicle is transported in parts to another part of the world for assembly.

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