Automotive packaging

Automotive packaging – Packaging for automobile manufacturers

First and Second Tier Suppliers

High demands of automobile manufacturers, described in detail in OEM specific packaging instructions, require on the part of 1st and 2nd tier suppliers high-quality packaging solu¬tions and an error-free supply chain.

Examples for packaging solutions

  • Bumper
  • Body Parts
  • Engines
  • Vibration Dampers
  • Power Steering
  • Brakes
Automotive packaging EMB
Small Load Carriers IMC 40
Automotive Packaing IMC450
Automotive Packaging IMC220

Examples for OEM-System Packaging

Supplier Prepackaging (BMW)

  • PAL 965: 1490 x 760 x 840 mm (System 1,2,3)
  • PAL 973: 1190 x 760 x 840 mm (System 2,3)

IMC – Iso Modular Carton (FORD)

  • IMC 010 – IMC 470
  • IMC 010 High Cube – IMC 200 High Cube


  • 3P: 1140 x 980 x 850 mm
  • 4H: 1140 x 980 x 640 mm


  • P-Box 300: 1140 x 980 x 1110 mm
  • P-Box 305: 1190 x 760 x 840 mm
  • P-Box 306: 1190 x 760 x 504 mm

Small Load Carriers (SLC)

The dimensionally stable and robust small load carriers made of corrugated cardboard are specifically designed for the requirements of the automotive industry. They are especially suitable for manual handling at the production lines, automatic parts removal from SLC as well as the conversion to empty stacks. The SLC are equipped with stacking lugs that allow safe stacking of different dimensions on pallets.

Small Load Carriers

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